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Bochum, March 3-14 2008: PostGraduate School on
Computational Methods in Astrophysics
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Monday, 21. May 2018
SOLAIRE PostGraduate School


SOLAIRE PostGraduate School


The lectures will NOT be in the room NB 6/99 anymore, but in the HZO. You will find the room numbers in the 2nd week timetable .

Our computer exercises will be located in NA 02/247, i.e. building NA (mathematics), level 02 (note: level 02 is not equal to level 2), room 247. It is located next to our computer service center (Servicecenter).

Additional maps and information can be found on the university web page University and Region.


To access the internet with your own computer please use only your WLAN interface. Do not unplug any cable connected computer, or use a cable connection.

Targets outside the universiy can only be reached by using a VPN connection. This requires a VPN client, which can be downloaded only within the university network following this links:

Windows (Notes for Vista user)
Mac OS X 10.3.x and 10.4.x (universal)

To connect you will be asked for your personal login and your password, which you will/have received at the registration.
The VPN tunnel configuration is:

VPN Host:
Authentation Group Name: wlan
Authentation Group Password: wlan